Fender 70th Anniversary Broadcaster now in store!

70th anniversary Fender Broadcaster now in store at Five Star Music!

Now HERE is something that will take you back in time. We’ve been lucky enough to recieve one of the 70th anniversary Broadcasters in store!

Let me tell you a story of the famed Broadcaster guitar.

Once upon a time in a marketing meeting far far away, the powers that were at Fender developed and produced a guitar that would come to redefine the 6-stringed industry. This little guitar became known as the Broadcaster.

Then, disaster struck, when Fender received a cease and desist via telegram from the Gretsch-owned BroadKaster, ordering them to stop using the name “Broadcaster”. For a short time, these guitars came out with no name, and were dubbed the “nocaster”.

The original Broadcaster models however became highly collectable, with only about 250 though to have been produced. These guitars have firmly cemented themselves as a part of Fender’s history.

What’t that you say? The Broadcaster looks eerily familiar? That’s because it is!

After a short while, the ‘nocaster’ was eventually named the Telecaster, a name that has (obviously) stuck around until today.

So, if you’re a huge telecaster fan, or a Fender collector, then this guitar is most definitely one to check out!

Features include an ash body with Blackguard Blonde lacquer finish, period-correct black phenolic pickguard, thick “U”-shaped neck, Custom Shop-designed ’50-’51 Blackguard pickups, special anniversary neck plate, embroidered case and a custom Certificate of Authenticity.

The controls are wired for standard Telecaster operation, while an optional original Broadcaster wiring kit, included in the case, can be installed to replicate the unique “blend” circuit used in original Broadcasters. If this is something you’d be interested in, just let us know and our techs can get it installed for you!

And basically that sums up why we’re so excited to have this piece of history in the store! Come check out the Fender 70th Anniversary Broadcaster here or come in store to check it out in the flesh (or in this case, wood).

As this is a 70th anniversary edition, production of this guitar is strictly limited to 2020 only.