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Jerry tries the Schecter Damien Platinum 9 String

Hey there Internet, Jerry from Five Star Music here, and I just tried to play the Schecter Damien Platinum 9 String guitar (in very classy satin black). The operative word here being “tried”. This guitar features an arch top with a Hipshot Hardtail bridge, EMG 909 pickups, and a massive 30″ scale! The 909s sounded […]

Jerry plays the Ibanez RGIF7 Fan Fret/Multiscale Guitar

Hey there Internet, Jerry from Five Star Music here and I just played the Ibanez RGIF7 Fan Fret electric guitar. I have been hearing non-stop hype about the fanfret guitars. It’s great to see a huge respected brand like Ibanez tailoring to the wants of players out there! So, I thought I’d check it out. […]

Jerry sees the Maschine Jam for the First Time

Hey there people, Jerry from Five Star Music here. The market went crazy a few years back when Native Instruments launched the Maschine, pronounced “maschine-uh”, and not “machine” as I awkwardly found out talking to the Native Instruments rep from Berlin. The Maschine integrated seamlessly with Native Instruments’ famous software, and enabled users to delve […]

Steve Vai 25th Anniversary Passion & Warfare Swirl Universe

If you’re a Steve Vai fan, you’ve no doubt heard about the extremely limited run of 25th Anniversary Passion & Warfare Swirl Universe 7 String guitars that are due to land soon. If you haven’t heard, well, I can only assume it’s because you’ve been way too concentrated on learning all those amazing dance moves […]

BOSS ES-8 Back In Stock

Are you constantly falling over on stage whilst trying to change 50 pedals at once in your ambient prog band? No? Well, there’s a good chance this is still for you. Back in stock is the BOSS ES-8 pedal switcher which means that for a lot of you, the tap dance we all do is […]

Gibson Les Paul Studio 2016 Models In Stock!

Want a great playing USA made Gibson Les Paul without paying the price of a Standard, Traditional or beyond? Finally in stock, the 2016 Gibson Les Paul! A refreshing change from the 2015 which featured the E-Tune system and a slightly different aesthetic design, the new 2016 Gibson Les Pauls Studios have gone back to […]

Strymon Zuma & Ojai Power Supplies Landing Soon!

The next 4-5 weeks will see the release of the highly anticipated power supplies from Strymon, the Zuma and the Ojai. Rather than us giving you the spiel, the following is straight from the horses mouth: Why Power? Over the last several years, some of the most common questions we’ve been asked are related to […]