Behringer Poly D Synth… Coming Soon!

A brand new synth with 37 full size keys, and four analogue VCOs… Count us in!

Hi there team, Jerry here, from the internet.

Check out the latest press release from Behringer Australia about the new Poly D synth!

“Teasing the synth community a month ago with their secret Model D “warp drive” video, Behringer have taken everyone by surprise by announcing the POLY D that features a 37- full sized keys and four analog VCOs letting you enjoy the fat lead and bass sounds via a four note polyphony.

There’s a choice of triangle/saw, saw, square, wide pulse and narrow pulse waveforms on the first three oscillators, while the fourth is able to access triangle, reverse saw, saw, square, wide pulse and narrow pulse to give you a variety of tonal possibilities. The POLY D features the classic 24dB latter filter that Moog synthesizers are well renowned for, an LFO, inbuilt distortion circuit, a stereo Bucket Brigade Delay chorus based on the Juno-60, a 32-step sequencer and an arpeggiator.”

Feel free to contact us in regards to this! We have some on order, and they are confirmed as coming soon… So get in quick to preorder now!