The store manager holding a Fender Guitar upside down in front of a wall full of other Fender Guitars

Hi all,

Welcome to my first ever Blog. I’ve been asked to talk about everything Music. Having spent the best part of the last 3 decades + involved in the industry in some form, Joe Blogs is about giving you an insight on how things are, have been and what is to come. I’m also going to let you in on my tips & tricks and as a current Retail Manager at Five Star music in Ringwood Victoria, an insight into what’s good and worth checking out.

This episode I want to talk about online V’s instore visits. With the past year as something I want to forget about, during lock down we saw a marked increase in online purchases for obvious reasons. My colleagues became experts in over the phone sales describing a product to the potential buyer to relieve their boredom and items such as Guitars, amps, keyboards, electronic drums and home recording set ups were going out the door.

Fast forward to almost Mid-year 2021, we now have freedom to go out and visit stores as well as online shopping. Customers today have a wealth of options and information at their disposal so make sure you utilize them to ensure you get the best experience and of course the best deal.

Some customers prefer to do their own research and will either order online or go into a store with a decision already made. Just remember when going in, a salesperson may suggest options to give you a broader choice. Perhaps there is a new model available or on its way. Keep an open mind even if you have made a decision.

Either way, always know that the salesperson is here to help.

When you come into a store always ask questions and know that your store wants to make it memorable for you. Especially here at Five Star Music. Whether it is a plectrum type or a pack of strings or the latest Gibson or Fender guitar, the salesperson is once again here to help you walk out with the right choice. The beauty of going instore is you physically get to eyeball the product and in the case of a major purchase, you get to feel and try the actual instrument. Most good shops are happy to set you up then leave you to get acquainted with a potential buy.

Again, don’t be afraid to ask questions and let us help you ……... that is why we are here.

Next time let’s talk “Guitars”

For now, Joe Blogs signing off ……