Marshall 1987x Plexi

Marshall 1987X Plexi – Marshall Amplifiers at Five Star Music

Hi there Internet, Gerald here from Five Star Music here. Blaggin’ today about our Marshall amps, focusing on the Marshall 1987x Plexi.

You think amps. You think Marshall. It’s only natural. Famous for huge amps such as the JVM210, JVM410, and the classc JCM800. There’s nothing more classic than a plexi sound, and that is certainly found in the Marshall 1987X Plexi. It has been described as more aggressive and heady than the traditional plexi from the 60s, and is well worth a listen. The Marshall 1987X Plexi is also aesthetically identical to the original, while retaining all the traditional tonal characteristics of the classic. They’ve thrown in a modern touch of adding in an effects loop as well, so you get the ultimate amalgamation of modern and traditional.

Here are some words from Marshall about it:

While the 50 Watt 1987X head shares the same ‘Plexi’ front and rear panel features as the 100 Watt 1959SLP, it has its own distinctive sonic personality. More aggressive than the “60s ‘Plexi’s, the 1987X is much more of the “72 period, with a heady, sweet/aggressive tone. These tonal characteristics are what define this much respected all-valve head. Much care and effort has gone into ensuring that the 1987X remains true to those tonal characteristics, as well as ensuring it remains aesthetically true to the original ‘Plexi’. The only modern addition to this re-issue is a tonally transparent Series FX Loop.”

Check it out here: click this please!

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