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Any musician in a band knows the importance of having a decent guitar amp.  A good guitar amplifier makes your music louder so everyone can hear without changing the accuracy or tone.

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There are usually three parts to an amp:

  1. The Preamp receives and changes the signal. The tone can be changed and is an important specification to consider when you buy one. The type depends on your style and requirements.
  2. The power amplifier is measured in watts and what drives the level of sound.
  3. The Amplifier Speakers have different levels of resistance that can subtly alter the sound.

There’s a huge selection of different amps available so how do you know which one to choose? Traditional amps like Marshall and Fender as well as the incredible popular Kemper Series amplifiers including the Kemper Powerrack, Kemper Head and Kemper Power Head. Let’s have a quick look at the different kinds that we have on offer here at Five Star Music:

Acoustic Amp:

  • An acoustic amplifier is designed for accuracy.
  • If your style is instrumental, this is the kind of amp you should be considering.
  • The sound is very clean and highly accurate so your chords aren’t distorted. You simply plug it in and play!
  • These are suitable for small venues such as a local bar or restaurant.

Marshall Amp:

  • The Marshall amplifier has a characteristic tone that’s unique to the brand. Our selection at Five Star Music ranges from 15 watts up to over 100 watts, which is suitable for large concerts. Marshall amplifiers include the new Marshall CODE series as well as the traditional
  • Marshall DSL series and Marshall MG series Amplifiers.
  • Whether you’re specifically looking for a vacuum tube amp or electric guitar amplifiers, Marshall offers a great selection of quality products that fit different types of guitars so finding exactly what you need here at Five Star Music should be easy.

Fender Amps:

  • Fender has been manufacturing amps for over 60 years and given the fact that big name stars such as Kurt Kobain and Eric Clapton were fans of this brand, there’s no doubt that Fender produce some of the finest amps on the market.
  • These amps produce clean tones and can be used across multiple genres. They have the flexibility to change your tone however you want and are extremely versatile.
  • Fender makes amps for electric, acoustic and bass guitars.
  • Our selection of Fender amps range from quiet variations that are suitable for practicing at home or in small venues to the much larger, booming ones that are used at concerts. Whatever style of music you play, Fenders are likely to have something that will suit.

Fender Amplifiers are all time classics and include models like the Fender HotRod, Fender Twin, Fender DeVille, Fender Supersonic, Fender Bassbreaker, Fender Blues Junior, Fender Champion, Fender Mustang, Fender 68 series amplifiers and many more.

Portable Amps:

Portable amps are small and can be carried around with you anywhere you go. Whether you need it for busking or for playing on the go, a portable amp is a wise choice and although they’re small and lightweight, you won’t have to compromise a lot when it comes to sound.

If you’re looking for something you can put in your pocket so you can play and listen wherever you are, we have headphone amps too.

For more information on our range of guitar amps, be sure to get in touch with us today.

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