Buy Fender Amps Online Australia

When it comes to top quality amplifiers, Fender are a market leader. At Five Star Music, we believe that Fender are amongst the best electric guitar amplifiers available and that’s why we stock such a wide selection from this iconic brand.
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Fender amplifiers online at competitive prices

So, if you’re looking to buy or rent a top quality Fender amplifier online why not take a look at what we’ve got on offer?

As you can see, we have some great deals on Fender amps in our online store. And, as one of the leading music stores in Melbourne, our selection of electric guitar amplifiers, including those by Fender, is second to none.

Our Fender electric guitar amplifiers not only produce clean tones and are suitable for use across multiple genres, but they’re flexible and versatile too.

With over 60 years of experience in manufacturing all kinds of amplifier, and a reputation for producing some of the best amps on the market, the Fender guitar amplifier has been the weapon of choice for top musicians such as Eric Clapton and the late Kurt Kobain.

A fantastic selection of Fender guitar amps

Check out our selection now and you’ll see that we offer Fender amps for all kinds of guitars, so whether you play electric, acoustic or bass you’ll be able to find the perfect Fender amp for you. We stock models like the Fender twin, Hot Rod Deluxe, Blues Deville, Blues Junior, Supersonic, Champion, Mustang and many more!

What’s more, you’ll see that the prices for our Fender amps, whether you require a Fender Rumble bass amplifier or you’re looking to purchase a Fender electric guitar amp, are some of the best around.

We’ve amps that are perfect for practicing at home to amps that will allow you to fill a large venue with clear sound and whatever style of music you prefer to play, we’ll have a Fender electric amplifier to suit you.

Making it easier than ever to get your Fender guitar amp

Here at Five Star Music, we’ve made it easier than ever to get the Fender electric amp that you need. Not only do we offer some of the most competitive prices around but we also offer a rental scheme too.

There’s free shipping to all areas of Australia or, if you live in the Ringwood area, you can simply drop into our store and pick it up for yourself.

What could be easier than that?

Buy your Fender amp online now

If you’d like to know more about any of the Fender amps on sale through Five Star Music, simply call us up on 03 9870 4143 or alternatively, why not pay a visit to our music store on Maroondah Highway?

Our friendly and expert staff are always on hand to give you the benefit of their experience whether you’re looking to buy a Fender bass amp or you just want our opinion on the best electric guitar amp on the market.

Five Star Online Music Store specialises in musical instruments for sale. We Sell and rent all instruments, ranging from electric guitars, acoustic guitars, deering banjos and amplifiers.
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