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If you’re looking for the best banjo instrument in Australia, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Five Star Music – we’re Melbourne’s best music shop and instrument rental outlet.
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Are You Looking for Deering Banjos Online?

Ideally suited to both folk and bluegrass genres, the Deering banjo is offers a fun and rewarding musical experience for those that are just starting out and for those whom have already mastered the skill of playing.

If you’re getting into country, folk, and/or bluegrass and want to find an instrument that will blend in well across all genres, a Deering banjo is the best choice all round.

When it comes to choosing which Deering banjo to buy, you’ll have to take the following considerations into account:

  • Material
  • Construction
  • String tension
  • Tuning capabilities.

We’ve got one of the best selections of Deering banjos and other musical instruments in Melbourne and Australia so make sure you consider the above and choose the best out of the following options for your musical needs:

5 String Deering Banjos:

These are probably the most popular type of Deering banjo and you can get the lowest prices on 5-string banjos right here at Five Star Music.

Why Invest in a Deering Banjo

Made from solid material and offering extreme durability, the Deering Banjo is considered top class by those in the musical world. The main advantages of these are that they are very easy to tune and play, making them an ideal option for newbies and pros alike. Made in America (USA), Deering Banjos include models like the Deering Sierra Banjo, Deering Boston Banjo and Deering Goodtime Series Banjo.

Six String Banjo / Ganjo / Banjitar :

We Offer a wide range of six-string banjos for you guitarists who want to be able to play a banjo straightaway! We offer banjo rental for very affordable prices on a weekly basis for a 6/12-month period.

Tenor Banjo:

The shorter-necked, tenor banjo comes with 17 (“short scale”) or 19 frets and is generally played with a plectrum. These are slim and beautifully finished.

Where to buy Deering banjos online in Australia

If you’re looking for the best value when it comes to Deering banjos for sale online, you won’t find better deals than what we offer here at Five Star Music.

With banjos from some of the biggest brands in the musical instrument world, you can buy Deering banjos online from us and you’ll be guaranteed of a great quality product and excellent customer care.

Whether you’re looking to buy a banjo in Australia right now or you’d like to find out more about a ukulele banjo or another specific type of instrument, be sure to get in touch with us today.

Questions About Our Deering Banjos?

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