Buy Washburn Banjos Online Australia

Washburn produce some of the most affordable banjos on the market. That said; quality is assured and the playability and limitless applications are just two standout features of Washburn Banjos.  Washburn Banjos include the B8, B9, B11, B14, B16 & B17 Banjos.
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Washburn Banjos in Australia — the Real Deal

The banjo has a unique and easily recognised appearance and sound. As such, you need to choose carefully to get the instrument that faithfully and consistently produces the sound you want.

There are a lot of banjos to choose from and the variety can be confusing if you’re not sure what to look for. A great many are cheap imports that will ultimately disappoint so you need to avoid going down the wrong path. A good and reliable choice is to buy a Washburn banjo, a brand that’s been around for a long time and has gained a reputation for quality and consistency of sound.

Required Features Present in a Washburn Banjo

Although any banjo you buy needs to look good, feel right and play well, there are other features you need to consider to ensure the one you get performs great all the time. These include good build quality that covers:

  • a hardwood pot that has multiple plies similar to a drum
  • the resonator to ensure the sound goes out to your audience
  • a solid brass or similar metal tone ring to increase volume and sustain
  • a solid, one-piece resonator flange that also adds volume and sustain.

Stability is ensured through dual co-ordinator rods that ensure the pot stays round and the neck of the instrument doesn’t move. Cheaper banjos often only have a single co-ordinator rod but this may not be able to properly support the weight of the tone ring and resonator.

The quality and operation of the turning pegs to change the string tension are crucial. The original friction pegs were replaced by geared machine pegs when metal strings were introduced. A better alternative these days may be planetary tuners, which hold their tuning better and allow much faster tuning, realistically even allowing tuning to be changed for specific songs.

Washburn Banjos from a Reputable Company

Every Washburn banjo for sale at Five Star Music has the necessary build quality and features. They’re produced by a company that’s been making musical instruments since 1883 and has built up a formidable reputation. And that reputation is maintained with banjos that produce outstanding tone and volume with a punchy sound.

The Washburn banjos we supply are suitable for all music genres and styles of playing. If you’re not sure about the one you want, you can try them out at our Melbourne store or you can rent a Washburn banjo at a reasonable weekly rate to give it a thorough test before you commit to buying.

Questions About Any of Our Washburn Banjos?

For those who know what they want, we have Washburn banjos online with a simple ordering procedure and quick delivery so you can have your instrument with minimum delay. Either way, you can buy safe in the knowledge that you’re getting a well-known brand that has stood the test of time.

Unlike some ‘manufacturers’ who essentially simply distribute banjos that are sourced from China, Washburn really stands by its products. Similarly, while many stores merely sell Washburn banjos off the shelf, at Five Star Music, Melbourne’s best music instrument store, we provide all the necessary help and support. Consequently, you be certain anything you buy from us will have no flaws, is set up correctly and will perform as expected.
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