Drum Store in Melbourne

The drummer is generally at the very heart of any band, providing the drive to the music that gets people tapping their feet or dancing along. It’s crucial, therefore, that the drummer is properly equipped, whether from a drum store in Melbourne or online.
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Buy the Best from a Melbourne Drum Shop

Whatever your style, whichever band you play in and irrespective of the music genre you play, it’s important that you obtain a drum kit that is not only great to play but is also perfect for the sound you want to create. At Five Star Music, we have a wide choice from a large number of reputable and respected manufacturers so you’re certain to find exactly the drum kit you need.

Everything you Need at our Melbourne Drum Store

We can supply sets for all levels of skill, from total beginners through intermediate experience to complete professionals who make a living from playing the drums and need a certain level of performance. Our beginners’ kits contain all the elements you need to start you on your journey and begin your drumming career in the right way. From there, you can progress to more professional sets as your skill levels rise and we can guide you on your journey so you make the right choice at every step.

There’s a Reason We’re the Best Drum Store in Melbourne

We have top of the range kits down to economy versions, large sets for maximum power and performance or compact kits that fit into small spaces and are easy to transport. In fact, we have a wide range of equipment to suit every taste, style, skill level and budget so you won’t be left short of choice.

One of your main choices is between a traditional acoustic drum kit or a more modern electronic kit. The latter are growing in popularity and are more compact for storage, set-up and transportation. Due to improving technology, they have an increasingly authentic feel and sound that’s bringing them ever closer to their acoustic counterparts. It’s also possible to create a hybrid drum set composed of a mixture of acoustic and electronic elements.

Help and Advice from the Best Drum Stores in Melbourne

If you’re an experienced drummer and know exactly what you want, we have plenty for you to choose from and we’ll deliver it quickly if you order from our Melbourne instrument store or online. On the other hand, if you’re a complete novice and have no idea where to start or have some experience but are uncertain in specific areas, we can help you choose. Our staff have plenty of experience in all aspects of drumming and will give you all the help and advice you need to make the right choice. You can also try out the equipment at our drum shop in Melbourne.

Questions About Our Melbourne Drum Store?

Our stock isn’t simply limited to acoustic and electronic drum kits. If you need new sticks, to replace cymbals, acquire accessories or to add individual drums to existing kit, we have them too. We also supply other percussion instruments so, whether you’re a member of an orchestra or a rock band, or just a hobby musician, we have what you need. Most of all, we have plenty of experience so are willing and able to offer as much help and support as you need, which isn’t something that all drum shops in Melbourne can offer effectively.
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