Buy Ibanez Guitar Overdrive Pedals Online Australia

Most guitarists not only want to play well but also to achieve their own unique sound, to make their music really stand out. One of the best ways to help you achieve that aim is to use a Ibanez guitar pedal, and specifically an Ibanez guitar pedal.
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Why you Should Buy an Ibanez Guitar Pedal

An essential part of any serious guitar player’s equipment is an Ibanez overdrive pedal. Using it, you can combine it with a valve amplifier to achieve a lush saturation without needing to turn up the gain on the amplifier. The two together achieve the same effect as a driven tube amplifier, giving an overdriven sound and pushing the tubes into the sweet spot you want to achieve.

Getting the Perfect Ibanez Guitar Overdrive Pedal

One of the best known products is the Ibanez Tube Screamer, which has become an industry standard for good reasons. Whereas most manufacturers had offered increasing amounts of overdrive with their foot pedals, the Tube Screamer offers low gain sound.

The Tube Screamer is available in several models that include a mini version where space is limited, a dual mode version that has two circuits, a turbo model and one specifically for bass guitars. While all these models have similarities, each has its own tonal characteristics so you can choose the one (or more than one) that’s best for you.

The Tube Screamer has a drive knob to adjust gain, a tone knob for treble adjustment and a level knob for output volume. The pedal can be used as a boost pedal for a clean or overdriven amplifier or as a smooth and creamy overdrive, particularly awesome for rock and blues mid gain tones.

The predecessor to the Tube Screamer was the Overdrive pedal, with originals much sought after for high prices but reissued versions are available for a fraction of the cost and have additional features. All Ibanez pedals are known to be solid and durable, capable of prolonged and heavy use, so they produce the sounds you want for a long time.

Every Ibanez Guitar Pedal for Sale Comes with Full Support

For a louder, brighter sound, for something smooth and creamy, and to change the harmonic of your guitar in any way, an Ibanez guitar pedal is the ideal choice. It is, in fact, the choice of many top guitarists, some of them having used it to create their own signature sound that has helped them to establish their reputation.

Which Ibanez Guitar Pedal is Right for You?

The guitar pedal you choose depends on your own personal preference as well as the way it integrates into your set-up and fits in with the sound you want to create. You can buy an Ibanez guitar pedal online from our website or visit our Melbourne store to try them out and find the version that suits you best. We’ll help with your choice and advise you on how to get the best from it so you’ll always achieve great effects and value for money.

Ibanez is the most widely copied brand of guitar pedal and that’s because it’s the best on the market. For a clean sound that makes your guitar stand out from the rest of the band, get the best guitar pedal there is.
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