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Five Star Music have a long-standing reputation as the best electric guitar store in Melbourne. However, customers anywhere in Australia can access the extensive range of guitars from our Melbourne store through our online music store which also has free shipping.
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Whether you’re looking for a beginner’s electric guitar, an electric guitar for gigging, a rare electric guitar, cheap electric guitars, a left-handed electric guitar or you want to rent an electric guitar, we’ve got something to suit your needs.

Electric Guitars for sale online Melbourne

Five Star Music offers an excellent range of electric guitars, for rent and for purchase through our online store. We’re proud to stock guitars from some of the top brands on the market including:

Our Fender electric guitars are undoubtedly our most popular. If you’re looking to buy Fender Stratocaster guitars, Fender Jazzmaster Guitar, Fender Jaguar Guitar or Fender  Mustang Guitars or the ever-popular Fender Telecaster online, you’ve come to the right place.

We offer an extensive range of Fender electric guitars via our online store including bespoke Fender guitars from our custom shop.

We’ve long been known as the “go-to” store for a Fender Telecaster in Melbourne and a Fender Stratocaster in Melbourne too. Now with our online store, you can easily purchase Fender electric guitars at extremely competitive prices including the Fender Stratocaster online.

  • Squier Electric Guitars

Squier electric guitars are popular in Australia and all around the world for a number of different reasons. Firstly, they’re inexpensive considering the quality of these guitars and, secondly, as Squier is owned by Fender, you know that you’ll be getting so much more than an average beginner guitar when you choose to go with a Squier electric guitar.

Not only does a Schecter electric guitar offer a great tone and level of playability but, perhaps most importantly for some guitarists, they look awesome too! Whether you’re just starting out, want to make a lasting impression on stage or rock out in the studio, there’s a Schecter guitar that fits your requirements.

An Ibanez electric guitar offers the perfect blend of quality sound, high performance, precision set-up and an eye-catching rock ’n’ roll aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for a high quality beginner electric guitar in the RG or S series or a touring guitar like the Ibanez Prestige or Premium series guitar, we’ve got it all on our online music store including a number of Jem, Universe and Satriani models.

One of the most recognised brands of electric guitars, Five Star Music sells a great selection of Gibson electric guitars online. Not only do we sell popular models like the Gibson Les Paul 60’s Tribute guitar, Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar, Gibson Les Paul Traditional guitar, Gibson Les Paul Studio guitar, SG Special electric guitars and SG Standard guitars but many of our Gibson electric guitars are also available to rent from our online store.

Epiphone is also known as the budget brand of Gibson. Gibson have created a winning combination by using Epiphone as a brand name to release inexpensive versions of their top guitars, and they also create reissues of popular Epiphone models from the ’50s and ’60s.

You’ll get great value for money when choosing Epiphone with the biggest differences between Gibson and Epiphone electric guitars being fewer inlays, a maple-veneer top that’s thinner than the Gibson norm, and chrome hardware is used in place of the more expensive gold.

Despite these differences, the core quality of the Gibson brand isn’t lost and you can still get the same great Les Paul and SG model electric guitars as in the Gibson range but at a much lower cost.

Looking for an electric guitar in Melbourne? Contact us today.

We’re not just one of the leading online electric guitar stores, Five Star Music sell hundreds of different musical instruments and accessories online. With a vast selection of instruments to choose from all the top brands in the market and at competitive prices, make the Five Star Music online store your first stop for all things music.

Five Star OnlineMusic Store specializes in musical Instruments for sale. We Sell and rent all instruments, ranging from guitars, guitar accessories, bass guitars, electric keyboard synthesizers and percussion drumkits.

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