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As one of the most respected electric and classical guitar brands, Ibanez guitars are popular with all kinds of musicians. Five Star Music stock a fantastic range of Ibanez electric guitars in our online store and they’re all very keenly priced too.
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Great Ibanez Electric Guitars at Great Prices

In fact, we’ve got an enviable reputation for offering one of the best selections of Ibanez guitars, and we’re fast becoming the number one choice when it comes to buying an Ibanez guitar online.

Whether you’re planning to buy an Ibanez JS140 Joe Satriani in white or the Ibanez 7 String, when you buy Ibanez guitars from Five Star Music, you’ll not just get an excellent instrument at a great price, but you’ll get the very best in customer service too.

The best place to buy an Ibanez electric guitar online

When it comes to buying an Ibanez electric guitar online we think we’ve covered all the bases. Not only do we have a superb selection of guitars, ranging from the Ibanez RG150DX Black Knight to the Ibanez PS10 Paul Stanley Iceman, but we always offer discounted prices.

Delivery is free throughout Australia or you can visit our music store in Ringwood to collect your chosen guitar yourself. So, as you can see, whether you want an Ibanez travel guitar or you’re left handed and need an Ibanez left handed guitar, Five Star Music will have something to suit your tastes, your budget and your specific needs.

Huge Range of Ibanez Electric Guitars

It’s no wonder that we’re known as the best place to buy an Ibanez guitar Melbourne has available.

What about those hard to find Ibanez Steve Vai models like the Jem and the Universe? We have them!  Including Prestige, Premium and RG, Iron Label and S Series guitars.

With an option to rent Ibanez electric guitars too

Although we’ve done everything we can to make buying an Ibanez guitar online easy, we know that sometimes purchase is not an option.

That’s why we’ve chosen to offer two great rental schemes so that you can have the guitar you need without a huge initial outlay. It’s also a great option if you want to try out a specific guitar before you make the ultimate commitment.

To find out more about renting a guitar, contact us now, or see the options next to each guitar. If you prefer to rent, Ibanez guitar suppliers Five Star Music have a way to help you get the guitar you want.

Great Ibanez Electric Guitars with Great Service

Visit our Ringwood music store

While our online guitar sales offer a great way to buy your Ibanez guitar, sometimes it pays to try out the guitar before you buy. So, if you’re in the Ringwood area, why not call into our music store and speak to one of our guitar specialists?

They’ll help you to choose the right guitar for you, and answer any queries you may have.

Alternatively, if you need further advice you can call us on 03 9870 4143 and speak to one of our team. They’ll be able to answer all your questions and give you advice.

Ibanez has been a long standing player in the electric guitar market, and is currently one of the world’s leading brands. Known for providing quality instruments at genuine value prices, Ibanez has an immense range of styles to choose from.

Whatever kind of music you’re into, Ibanez has a guitar to suit you. These are professional quality guitars, used by guitar legends including George Benson, Paul Stanley, Joe Satriani, and Steve Vai.

Ibanez Steve Vai Guitars – amazing guitarist, brilliant guitar designer

The incredible Ibanez Steve Vai signature guitar style is a leading candidate in both the Ibanez Prestige and Ibanez Premium ranges.

The genius that went into the design of this guitar is what makes it something really special. It’s a guitar for the serious guitarist, designed as a hybrid creation of all Vai’s favourite features found in other guitars. It is styled on similar lines to the Fender Stratocaster, but with that extra “rock star” look and feel.

Ibanez Prestige guitars are constructed from the highest quality materials. The fine craftsmanship that goes into creating these models is part of the reason Ibanez remains a highly sought after brand more than 60 years after the first Ibanez electric guitars arrived on the market.

Just one rung down from the elite Prestige models, the Ibanez Premium line provides an economical choice with a similar look.

The Premium Steve Vai guitars have product code prefix of JEMJR, and the design is really close to the JEM coded versions in the Ibanez Prestige range.

The main differences you’ll notice are in terms of the types of wood used in construction, the weight, and some of the additional aesthetic features.

You’ll sound awesome with either of the choices, but when it comes to looks, the Prestige Ibanez JEM version really draws attention to itself in the best possible way.

Experience the unique Ibanez Artcore sound

The Ibanez Artcore series has the perfect look, sound, and feel for jazz and folk guitarists, but the rich warm tones these guitars can produce is perfectly adaptable to any style.

These hollow body guitars work as semi-acoustic instruments, so you can rehearse “unplugged” solos. The reduced weight also makes them lighter, thus easier to hold and play for longer durations, and more comfortable to balance when playing seated.

Ibanez Artcore guitars from Ibanez are designed in a variety of configurations to suit different playing styles, but all share a classic look favoured by guitarists who like to span genres, such as George Benson (who now has his own signature line of Ibanez guitars).

The double cutaway design is intended to make it easy to access the upper frets, and there are some interesting technical design considerations that lend wonderful aesthetic qualities to the look and sound of the guitar body.

The solid centre block allows higher gain levels with good feedback control. Some guitars in the Ibanez Artcore series have wooden control knobs, which just makes the whole guitar look that little bit more classy and distinct.

Because less wood is used in the overall construction, Ibanez Artcore guitars are modestly priced and as easily suited to beginners as they are to professionals. Many musicians make their start with Ibanez Artcore and either stay with it throughout their careers or switch back to it due to the unique sound qualities that make it a joy to play and listen to.

Be a legend on the road with the Ibanez Roadstar

A favourite choice for heavy rockers and metal enthusiasts, the Ibanez RG line are an outstandingly affordable solid body precision instrument that can really stand up to a lot of punishment.

Due to their robust design, they are popular for travelling with, and indeed the “R” in their name stands for “road star”.

In addition to the classic 6 string, there is also Ibanez 7 string and even 8 string versions of the RG line to give you maximum versatility in your playing style. The guitar has chunky cutaways giving you amazing fret access, and compared to the average guitar there are more frets to explore.

These guitars are very well suited to the image and sound of heavy metal music. The design allows for fast, aggressive playing style, and the LZ7 humbuck pickups will capture every note in full detail. The design makes it really easy to switch in your own custom pickups if you want.

If you’d like to see and hear the amazing quality of the Ibanez RG, this YouTube video review features a comparison with the Gibson Les Paul (another classic). One thing you’ll notice instantly is that the Ibanez guitar is much more comfortable to hold and play, and the extra technology in the Ibanez makes it easier to maintain as well.

For the price, you won’t find a more solidly reliable performer, which is why you’ll see this guitar in the hands of players like John Petrucci and Paul Gilbert.

Every Ibanez Electric Guitar is awesome

It is very hard to go wrong when choosing an Ibanez. Even the most expensive models at the top of the Prestige range are excellent value. All of the guitars from the cheapest through to the most expensive look fantastic and will give you incredible sound quality.

The fact that Ibanez gives you so much choice means you can search for (and find) the guitar that suits your style best.

As with any modern guitar, however, what you see on the surface is only half the story. What’s inside really does count, and inside every Ibanez guitar there is awesome technology that will assist you to get the best out of every performance.

Turn your guitar over and notice the solid bolts. Those things are just about indestructible. The combination of locking nut and tram system keeps the guitar in tune without the constant need for retuning, and the tensioning knob on the back lets you retrim to your heart’s content.

Questions About Any of Our Ibanez Electric Guitars?

Some of the Ibanez guitars are made with titanium reinforcement which not only assists that wonderful tuning system, but also adds extra strength to the guitar neck.

That probably wouldn’t have suited Pete Townshend, but if you’re not the type to want to smash a perfectly healthy guitar just to make an impression, if you want a guitar that will last you for as long as you need it, Ibanez guitars are just fantastic, and can’t be recommended highly enough.

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