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Are you looking for one of the best selections of keyboards in Melbourne? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

This is Five Star Music and we specialise in bringing a wide selection of musical instruments and accessories from some of the most trusted names in the business to music lovers in Melbourne and beyond.

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Affordable Keyboards

Our products are available to buy or rent at the most competitive prices you’ll find in Australia. Whether you’re looking for keyboard synthesisers, a piano keyboard to give as a gift or it’s an electric piano that you’re after for your own kit, we’ve got a wide selection of keywords and related products to choose from.

Yamaha Keyboards

Yamaha Keyboards are by far our best selling brand and it’s no surprise. They are popular all over the world and Yamaha have earned the respected name that they’ve acquired for quality and reliability.

Loved by music lovers, the PSR series are great for beginners and the digital pianos like the NP32 and P45 and P115 piano suit keyboard enthusiasts of all levels, from beginner right up to pro.

Nord Keyboards

If you’d consider yourself to be more experienced and you’re looking for a keyboard that’s more advanced, a Nord keyboard might be the perfect option. Regardless of whether you are after a Nord Lead series, Nord electro series or perhaps a Nord Stage series keyboard, they are loved by famous musicians such as Alice Cooper and the Black-Eyed Peas. Nord keyboards offer more features than the norm and a synthesiser is essential.

We can help you find the best Nord Synth in Australia at Five Star Music.

Korg Keyboards

The Korg series of keyboards include the Micro Key that can connect to your phone through Bluetooth. You can transform your phone into a sound module anywhere you like and your Korg keyword will be even more practical when you use it with Korg Synthesisers.  Korg also have an extensive range of mini synthesisers and retro classic like the MS20 and Arp Odyssey.

A perfect melody is guaranteed with Korg.

MIDI Keyboards

In the world of digital music, MIDI controller keyboards are essential. MIDI’s have a collection of computer generated sounds and they will give you lots of samples to work with. They can make one of the most beneficial additions to home studios and commercial recording studios.


A synthesiser produces a range of pre-recorded sounds with a very high level of accuracy. This means you can select a perfect melody from its database to enhance your music and recording experience.

You can have them attached to the keyboard or use a portable pocket synthesiser. Different makes and models offer various characteristics so make sure you chat to our team to ensure you pick the right one for your specific needs.

Where to buy Synthesisers in Australia

You can purchase them from our showroom in Melbourne or you can also buy synthesisers online via our easy to navigate online store. Whatever your preference, you can browse through the best synthesisers Australia has to offer here at Five Star Music.

Five Star OnlineMusic Store specializes in musical Instruments for sale. We Sell and rent all instruments, ranging from electric guitars, acoustic guitars, deering banjos and amplifiers.

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