Buy Keyboard Pianos for Sale Online Australia

Whilst the keyboard may never truly replace the traditional acoustic piano, it nevertheless needs to be seriously considered when deciding what to buy. You need to study how you’re going to play and the sounds you want to create before you buy a keyboard piano.
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The Benefits of Keyboard Pianos in Australia

A keyboard piano has several advantages over a traditional model. It is:

  • generally smaller and more transportable
  • available in different versions that suit those of different competencies, from beginner through to professional
  • often significantly cheaper
  • much more flexible in the sounds you can create and the functions that are available.

Points to Consider When Buying Keyboard Piano for Sale Online

All keyboard pianos have similarities but they also have differences. In general, the more expensive versions will have the greater number of features while those aimed mainly at beginners will tend to be more basic. You need to consider what you want before you buy a keyboard piano online or from a store.

The main features you should consider are:

  • The number of ‘voices’ that are available. A ‘voice’ indicates the sound that the keyboard piano will output. The default voice is a piano sound but others are generally possible — electronic as well as acoustic pianos, organ, harpsichord, string instruments and even drums.
  • Whether different ‘styles’ (backing tracks) can be selected to accompany your music.
  • If the keys are full size or smaller, organ-style keys, which are common on smaller keyboards. The latter may be uncomfortable or difficult for you to play.
  • The number of notes that can be played at the same time (known as polyphony). The quoted number may be effectively halved if the sound is stereo sampled and early notes will be dropped to accommodate later ones if the number is exceeded.
  • Whether keys are touch-sensitive so the sound is louder and harsher when struck hard or mellow if touched softly.
  • If keys are weighted to mimic the feel of a real piano or are graded so that bass notes are heavier than top notes.
  • The number of tracks available for recording to the in-built memory, so you can have separate backing tracks for intricate creations.
  • If a pedal board is available and the number of pedals.
  • Whether MIDI or USB connectors are provided to connect a computer or other device. These enable sounds to be sampled and layered as well as recording to those devices.
  • If the keyboard piano can be split to allow different voices for each hand or can be dualled so two voices are layered at the same time.

Choosing the Correct Keyboard Piano

If you know exactly the features and model you need, you can order your keyboard piano online from Five Star Music for quick and efficient delivery. If not, you can try out various keyboard pianos at our Melbourne store or choose a keyboard piano for rent so you can try it out for a week or so until you decide.

We can provide as much help and advice as you need to make it easier to come to a decision and it’s a service we’re happy to provide. We’ll put in as much time and effort as necessary because we want you to be totally happy with your purchase. Happy customers are repeat customers and we’ve built a successful business on that principle.
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