Sennheiser E906 Dynamic Instrument Microphone

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The Sennheiser E906 is a dynamic instrument microphone. Capable of capturing your guitars sound just as you want it to be. Whether it’s clean, distorted, gentle or aggressive. Providing you with high-resolution and natural sound, without unwanted colouration. Plus, the transient response of the E906 will convince you in every aspect. Even transmitting your riffs with an extremely hard punch, directly and straightforward. While the super-cardioid pick up of the E906 will also reject unwanted noise on your stage.

Featuring a switchable presence filter and three sound characteristic options. One to boost the presence range, one for the normal presence and one to attenuate the presence range. Furthermore, with its flat shape, you can position the E906 directly in front of your amp, without the need for a stand. Not to mention its distinctly rugged design.

Overall, the Sennheiser E906 is the perfect instrument microphone to record your next guitar session!

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