DW Double Pedal DWCP2002 Bass Drum Kick Pedal with Single Chain

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Entry-level priced, single-chain pedal but superbly qualified to play up a double-kick storm.

The DW Drums DWCP2002 Double Bass Drum Pedal is another DW pedal that is popular with our customers because you simply get value for money.
The double pedal has a classic lightweight feel, so you'll be able to work at speed if that's your thing.
All-American engineering makes this a quality bass drum pedal.
The DWCP2002 is designed with solid cast foot boards and steel base plates with adjustable spikes and velcro, so that even under power, these pedals feel sturdy under foot.
The DW 107 flyweight beaters are reversible and single cams provide plenty of speed and response.
The slave side pedal has a single post to make transitioning between the hi hat and left kick pedal really easy.

This and other DW 2000 series kick drum pedals are designed for students, weekend warriors, and working drummers alike. Trademark DW all-metal construction and playability make the 2000 Series the perfect choice for bargain-savy drummers that want the features of a tried and true USA engineered pedal.


  • 107 "Flyweight" beater for punchy feels
  • Single chain cams with offset cam
  • Heavy duty steel base plates
  • Single post casting


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