DW 6700 Cymbal Boom Stand – Flush Base

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For the lightest trap case imaginable, and an old-school, vintage look, choose DW 6000 Series Flush Base Boom Cymbal Stands. The 6000 Series Stands keep out of your way, because of their low-profile Flush Base Design. They are made of lightweight aluminum, so hauling them is a breeze. They feature our patented Adjustable Cymbal Seat, which can be raised or lowered, and quickly locked in place to adjust cymbal movement as needed. Meanwhile, the Toothless Tilter with TechLock allows for infinite angle adjustment and secure positioning, no matter where you set it. That’s because the TechLock Secondary Drum Key Locking System, inspired by working drum techs, was designed to safeguard against slippage.

DW’s Integrated Cymbal Seat and Wing Nut Felt Washers keep the parts on the stand, or in your hand… not on the floor, where they always seem to disappear! Our patented Hinged Memory Locks are fitted at the tube joints, to guarantee 100% repeatable and precise height settings every time. And the 6700 Boom Stand features a Collapsible Boom Arm which folds into the stand, telescope-style, to easily convert it to a straight stand.

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