American Upgrade Pack Rock with 5A Sticks

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The American Upgrade Pack is an opportunity to offer a high value attachment sale onto a consumer’s purchase of a drum set. Offered at a substantially reduced discount, this add-on sale should prove to have a high attachment rate, thus increasing the dealer’s gross margin and gross profit on entry-level drum set sales. The pack consists of G2 clear tom heads, a G1 coated snare head, an EMAD bass head, and a pair of Promark Classic 5A drumsticks. The American Upgrade offers a better first performance experience for the drummer compared to the inferior single-ply heads that most entry-level kits come equipped with while providing the added value of a quality pair of American made drumsticks. This improved first experience is critical to the retention of drummers. American Upgrade packs are an affordable way to replace the standard drum kit
American Upgrade packs consist of Evans G2 Clear 2-ply tom heads, a G1 Coated 1-ply snare head and Evans best-selling EMAD bass drum head
Includes Evans drumheads: 12+13+16 inches G2 Clear, 14-inch G1 Coated, 22-inch EMAD
It's a quality US made drumheads

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