Deering Goodtime 5-String Banjo Openback Left-Hand

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Deering Goodtime 5 String Banjo Openback LEFT HAND

Easy to play! Durable and easy to maintain! The Goodtime banjo produces a vibrant ringing tone from its natural finished violin grade maple rim. At only 4 pounds, the weight makes it ideal for both children and adults to play and to travel with conveniently.

Teachers and professionals around the world recommend the Goodtime banjo for greater success in learning to play.

Teachers look critically at a banjo because they want their students to be successful. Viewed from a teacher’s eye, he/she requires a banjo to be constructed with musical accuracy, ease of playability, adjustability, and durability. These are the reasons that teachers recommend the Goodtime banjo.

Rich Musical Tone and Accuracy
Ease Of Play
Easy To Maintain