Korg Pitchblack Mini Floor Tuner White

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Small size, huge visibility! A compact pedal tuner that's ideal for any effect board.

Korg's Pitchblack pedal tuners have earned the trust of guitarists and bassists worldwide for their quality, design and durability. The Pitchblack mini is the latest addition to the renowned tuner series, now available in a smaller, sleek size.

The Pitchblack mini appears smaller in size, yet embodies all of its superior tuner functionality. Featuring a large LED display with excellent visibility, it supports battery operation in spite of its compact size. The unit is also equipped with stabilizers to prevent it from overturning. Small but powerful, this is a high-quality pedal tuner that will meet the needs of any player.

Mini-size for easy installation in your effect board
Large high-visibility display with easily readable note name indication
Battery operation is supported
Stabilizers prevent overturning
Three meter display modes
Ultra-high tuning accuracy of +/- 0.1 cents
Adjustable calibration
True bypass has absolutely no effect on the sound

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