Markbass MB Octaver Raw Bass Guitar Pedal


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The Markbass MB octaver raw bass pedal delivers a super fast-tracking, even in the low range. It adds beefy bottom-end and extra funkiness to your sound, still keeping a clear and perfectly tuned sound, way better than you’d expect from an analog octaver.

This pedal features separate Dry and Octave level controls for more thickness by mixing your dry notes with the octave pitched ones.

Low notes clear and in tune: The low notes are clear and perfectly in tune, more so than you would expect from an analog octaver.

Super-fast tracking: The MB Octaver raw series tracking is impressively fast, even in the low ranges.

Ultra-compact size: Its very small size makes this pedal allows to find room in any pedalboard, no matter how packed it is.

Top-quality components: The MB Octaver raw series features high-quality components for the best quality sound.

DRY: controls the volume level of your dry sound
OCT: adjusts the volume level of your signal pitched one octave down
ON/OFF SWITCH: turns the effect on and off
INPUT JACK : connects to your instrument
OUTPUT JACK: connects to your amplifier
DC IN: External power supply connection (9-12V DC PSU)
Power Requirements 35mA (19 mA in standby)

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