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The sE Electronics Voodoo VR-1 and VR-2 ribbon mics usher in a new era for ribbon mic technology; before now, the only ribbon mic capable of handling frequencies from 20Hz to 20KHz was the sE/Rupert Neve collaboration, the RNR1, widely regarded as the best ribbon mic on the planet.

This was accomplished by utilizing cutting-edge transformers and a Rupert Neve-designed circuit board to disclose HF that was previously unnoticed. The Voodoo mics, on the other hand, achieve complete frequency response thanks to a unique mechanical technology (patent pending) created by the company's CEO, Siwei Zou.

The classic ribbon capsule can now create and capture frequencies from 20Hz to 20KHz like no other ribbon on the earth thanks to this incredible technical feat. The sound is groundbreaking; whilst the RNR1 is a magnificent mic in its own right, the Voodoo range introduces conventional ribbon sound to project and commercial studios while also extending it to perform as well as most condensers.

The result is recordings of acoustic instruments and guitar cabs that are exceptionally detailed, open, and genuine sounding. The VR2 is a "active" version of the VR1, which has a "passive" ribbon design. The VR1 and VR2 are set to become classics of their time due to their unique capacity to perform, as well as their stunning good looks.


  • Invokes the aesthetics of a mid-20th-centruy European ribbon mic
  • Competes with high-end mics at a lower price
  • Full-frequency response is magic on detailed sources
  • Designed by company founder Siwei Zou
  • Polar Pattern: Figure 8
  • Max SPL for 0.5% THD@1000Hz: 135dB
  • Phantom power protection
  • Rugged design can be used virtually anywhere
  • Ruler-flat frequency response from 20Hz to 18kHz +/- 2dB

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