TC Electronics Petrucci Dreamscape Pedal

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John was one of the first rock stars to join our TonePrint program and his sounds proved so popular we decided to cooperate intensely and capture his interpretations of classic TC effects. We joined forces, and the result is what happens when you set John free on the effects that inspire him.
• Six Signature Tones Designed by John Petrucci
• Chorus, flanger and vibrato in one pedal
• Custom voicing switch perfectly tuned to John’s custom ‘dark’ chorus sounds
Since they are such an integrated part of his “voice”, John knows our products like the back of his hand - so he knew exactly what he wanted, yielding some of the best sounding modulation effects out there.
DREAMSCAPE houses Chorus, Flanger and Vibrato effects that will keep you challenged, inspired and coming round for riff-inspiring possibilities.