YAmaha Revstar RS620 now in stock at Five Star Music

Yamaha Revstar RS620 – Yamaha Guitar at Five Star MUsic

Hi there Internet, Gerald here from Five Star Music here. Blaggin’ today about our Yamaha electric guitars, focusing on the Yamaha Revstar RS620.

The Yamaha Revstar RS620 is part of the Revstar range, featuring little brothers in the RS320 series (in black and yellow) and the RS420 as well. The Yamah Revstar RS620 is the big beastie of the lot however, being fully outfitted with all the bits and bobs and looks of a high quality instrument. Made with a mahogany body and a flamed maple top with Yamaha’s own vintage output pickups, this guitar is mint!

Here are some words directly from the wonderful humans down at Yamaha about the Yamaha Revstar RS620:

“Inspired by the 1974 Yamaha ‘Super Flighter’ guitar, the RS620 takes its design cues from a cult classic, combining them in perfect balance with the individual styling and custom-built vibe of the Revstar concept.
Its roots definitely run deep, but this isn’t your dad’s guitar.”

Check it out here: click this please!

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