Klotz Proartist 3m Prime Guitar Cable Jack/Right Angle

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Klotz Pro Artist Jack - Jack cable. A 3m long cable which gives the ideal combination of superb signal transmisiion, high flexibility and ruggedness for on stage use. Incredibly low capacitance of 95 picoFarads per metre means that the high end response from your guitar is not dulled by the cable, unlike inferior makes. Made in Germany, with a 5 year no-quibble warranty. Klotz Guitar cables are used by people such as Joe Bonamassa, Mattias Jaab & T.M. Stevens.


  • Professional instrument cable
  • Balanced sound
  • Low microphonics
  • High flexibility and durability
  • 2 x 6.3mm jack mono straight
  • Shielding: double screened cable, bare copper spiral shield
  • Soft PVC sheath
  • Sleeve: metal, nickel, with additional rugged shrink sleeve for extra anti-kink protection (red + black)
  • Shield of conductive plastic
  • Low capacitance (95 pF/m)

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