Marshall 2245 JTM45 30W Vintage Valve Head

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When Jim Marshall first started manufacturing Marshall amps back in 1962, the first amp out of the workshop was the JTM45. This amp instantly became a hit and launched a whole new generation of amazing guitar players. Since then, connoisseurs of tone have searched high and low for original examples of this beautiful amp. Now they need search no more, Marshall have re-issued the JTM45 complete with its full quota of glassy clean tone and fluid warm sustain.

By including GZ34 valve rectification, as found in the original, Marshall have ensured a faithful recreation of the JTM45s glorious sound. The GZ34 rectifier valve interacts with the rest of the valves causing subtle harmonics to shift and smoulder beneath every note you play.


Power (RMS): 30 Watt
3 Band EQ:
Pre-amp Valves: 3x ECC83
Power Amp Valves: 2x 5881
GZ34 Valve Rectifier: 1
Dimensions (mm): 660 x 260 x 205
Weight (kg): 14.6

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