Marshall Code50 Combo Amp 50W 1x12

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This Marshall Code 50 combo amplifier is fully programmable and gives you access to professional quality digital effects for a superior sound. The amp brings together classic and contemporary tones so you can shift between genres with ease.

This combo amp has 14 preamp and four power amp models which let you create unique tone mixtures for a personalized performance. A total of 24 digital effects give you the flexibility to update your existing music in various ways.

Use this combo amp to stream music from your iOS or Android device with the help of the Bluetooth function and the Gateway app. The amp also connects to your computer through an USB cable, allowing you to use it with a DAW interface to record your music at home.

The designated audio input on this combo amp allows you to connect your MP3 player easily so you can practise in time to the songs on your device. You can even plug-in your headphones for a focused and intensive playing session.

  • Fully programmable amp features digital effects
  • Comes with 14 preamp and four power amp models
  • Includes a custom 30-centimeter speaker
  • Supports Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • Weighs 13 kilograms for effortless transport
  • Measures 53 cm wide x 44 cm high x 28 cm deep
  • One 12-inch speaker
  • Wattage: 50 watts
  • Controls: Bass, middle, treble, gain, volume, pre-FX, amp, mod, del, rev, power, cab
  • FX: 25 (5 simultaneously)

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