Meinl Matt Halpern Double Down Stack

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Meinl Matt Halpern Double Down Stack

The Double Down Stack consists of a 17? Crash and 18? China, which can be played inverted or upright. The inverted configuration delivers a crisp, hiss sound while the upright configuration provides explosive attack and volume to cut through the most extreme amplifiers.

“The Double Down Stack is the result of almost ten years of experimentation with stacked cymbals. To me it’s the culmination of the best sounds I’ve been able to produce and utilize in both live and studio settings. It’s extremely versatile. You can configure the stack so it cuts through the loudest of music in the loudest of venues, or you can change it up and use it in the most dynamic of musical situations. No matter what kind of music you play, the Double Down Stack will undoubtedly help you shape your sound.” – Matt Halpern

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