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With the Carlsbro CSD25M you get a superb-quality electronic drum kit at a price that's ideal for even complete beginners!

With a module that delivers realistic drum sounds to your headphones or speakers, and mesh heads that offer a natural acoustic drum kit feel, this kit would make a great addition to any players collection.

Carlsbro CSD25M All Mesh Electronic Drum Kit Key Features

  • Mesh Pads - For an authentic playing experience, with the kind of natural rebound normally associated with an acoustic drum kit, the CSD25M has been equipped with mesh drum pads. These pads are ideal for players who like to switch between Acoustic and Electronic kits without having to adjust their playing technique.
  • Powerful Drum Module - Boasting 22 preset kits, and room for 10 user kits, the Commander 25 Module is ideal for even complete beginners to get to grips with. In addition to this, it also features an adjustable metronome, record/playback capabilities, USB inputs/outputs, and even two headphone outputs for when you're working with a tutor/student.
  • Expandable Kit - Whilst the kit is already impressive, the module has been designed to help you expand your kit as your needs increase - such as an additional kick pad/kick trigger, extra tom, cymbal, etc. In addition to this, most drum pads feature the same connections, so each and every pad on the kit can be upgraded or replaced over time.
  • Fully Adjustable - Thanks to a fully-adjustable frame, you can easily adjust the kit to find a comfortable playing position. Each and every pad can be lowered to a comfortable height for smaller players, and you can even spread the pads out if your arms are on the longer side.
  • Superb Value For Money - You get all of this and more for an absolutely fantastic price, making it perfect for beginners, or more experienced players looking for a versatile and mobile addition to their arsenal. So order yours at PMT Online today - you won't regret it!

Carlsbro CSD25M All Mesh Electronic Drum Kit Specs

Drum Kit Contents

  • Commander 25 Module
  • 4 Leg Full Size Frame
  • 8" Dual Zone Snare
  • 8" Single Zone Tom x 3
  • 10" Single Zone Hi-hat Cymbal
  • 10" Crash & Ride Cymbals With Choke
  • Hi-hat Control Pedal
  • Bass Pedal
  • Harness/Cable Set
  • Pair Of Drum Sticks
  • Drum Key

Commander 25 Module

  • 320 High Quality Voices
  • 22 Preset Drum Kits
  • 10 User Defined Drum Kits
  • 20 Demo Songs
  • 3 Recording / Playback Slots
  • Reverb Effect
  • Adjustable Metronome 30-250bpm
  • Adjustable Trigger Settings
  • USB Midi Input/output
  • USB Audio Output
  • 2 X Headphone Outputs
  • Stereo Output
  • Auxiliary Input

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