Yamaha Gigmaker 10 Electric Guitar Pack (Red Metallic)

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Learn to play like a pro with this Yamaha Gigmaker10 electric guitar pack. This fully loaded starter pack comes with everything beginning guitarists need to start off on the right track, including a Yamaha PAC012 guitar, a VOX Pathfinder 10 amplifier, high-quality VOX cable, strap, string winder, strings and picks. A learn-to-play DVD teaches you how to shred like your guitar idols, and an electronic Korg tuner allows you to keep your guitar in pitch-perfect tune. The vintage-style PAC012 guitar boasts a comfort-contoured body, chrome hardware and incredible tone, and the all-analog VOX Pathfinder 10 amp provides a warm sound for practice or performance.

  • Electric Guitar Pack
  • Yamaha PAC012 Guitar
  • VOX Pathfinder 10 Amplifier
  • VOX Cable
  • Korg Tuner
  • VOX Cable
  • String Winder
  • Strings and Picks
  • Learn-to-Play DVD

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