ISP Technologies Deci-Mate Micro Decimator Noise Reduction Pedal


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Other noise gates have a release knob compromise to adjust the release response in an attempt to best match the release to your playing style. If you set a fast release to remove noise, the instant you stop playing, the long sustained notes will either get an undesirable cutoff or will chop off the signal with a very ugly modulated release as the signal decays. The Decimator provides a fully adaptive release response, which tracks the envelope of the signal and instantly changes the release from super fast to a long, smooth release for sustained notes. The new Decimator X™ technology uses time vector integration and eliminates any modulation of the note. This allows long sustained notes to providing amazingly smooth response. Why adjust a fixed release time when you can have a full adaptive response that tracks exactly what you’re playing all in a super small package that delivers transparent performance. Also, the DECI-MATE won’t alter your tone. The DECI-MATE is a full analog design without any digital artifacts or aliasing for the most transparent noise reduction available. Made in the USA

Full Decimator in MICRO Pedal package
True Bypass design
New DECIMATOR X Technology uses Time Vector Integration. Adaptive release provides smoothest release response possible
Adaptive release tracks both staccato and long sustained notes
Adaptive tracking response tracks any playing styGreater than 90db effective noise reduction
Superior design to noise gates using downward expansion with adaptive release
Analog circuit for transparency / no digital aliasing

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