Dunlop JPJBJ3 Joe Banamassa Signature Gold 1.38mm Pick Pack


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Introducing the Dunlop JPJBJ3 Bonamassa Jazz III Gold Pick - 47-JB3NG

Elevate your blues and modern guitar techniques with the Bonamassa Jazz III Gold Pick - 47-JB3NG. This pick, inspired and used by the legendary Joe Bonamassa himself, allows you to blend traditional blues with modern precision for an emotionally resonant range of expression.

  • Joe Bonamassa's Signature: Joe Bonamassa, one of the foremost blues guitarists of our time, relies on Jazz III Picks to create his distinctive sound. With these picks, he effortlessly combines traditional blues with contemporary techniques, resulting in a wide spectrum of emotions in his music, from soulful melodies to blistering runs that seamlessly integrate into his compositions.

  • A Blues Legend's Choice: Joe Bonamassa's endorsement of the Jazz III Pick speaks volumes about its quality and playability. For him, it's an indispensable tool in his musical journey, allowing him to achieve the precise sound he envisions.

  • Timeless Tone: Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Bonamassa Jazz III Gold Pick ensures that you can capture the essence of Joe Bonamassa's bluesy sound. It's more than just a pick; it's a gateway to timeless blues.

Joe Bonamassa himself sums it up: "I discovered the Jazz III Pick around 1994–95. It's the one thing I can’t live without." Now, you too can experience the magic of Joe Bonamassa's signature sound with the Bonamassa Jazz III Gold Pick. Elevate your playing and infuse your music with the soulful blues that have made Joe Bonamassa a true legend.


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