Boss VB2W Vibrato Pedal Waza Craft Special Edition

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The Boss VB2W vibrato pedal revolutionizes your tone-bending experience with multiple modes and all-analog circuitry. Give your favourite tunes a completely individualized tone with Custom mode, or go retro with the Standard mode's classic VB-2 vibrato. Bring extra emotion to a standout chord with Unlatch mode, which applies a vibe only when you press the pedal. Clearly marked knobs control rise time, rate and depth, so you can make lighting-fast shifts to suit any venue.

Premium edition Waza Craft pedal delivers the ultimate BOSS tone experience
Custom mode features a totally new vibrato sound with unique filter wave
Standard mode provides a true reproduction of the vintage VB-2 vibrato sound
All-analog circuit with BBD (bucket brigade) vibrato line
Control the effect depth in real time with an optional expression pedal
Rise Time knob to control the initial onset of the vibrato effect

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